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"My job = Joyous."

- Jill Player Cotton

Jill is an accomplished writer and speaker who is articulate, thoughtful, warm and approachable.

She has lived in Sydney, Wellington, Southern California, London, and New York. She has worn a variety of different hats throughout her working life (music teacher, performer, public relations consultant, writer) all of which combine to bring a wealth of experience to her role as celebrant.

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A note from Jill

Why do I love my job?


Because of all the wonderful people I meet. 


The brides and the grooms and all of their families and friends. 


People of all ages and stages and with so many stories to learn. 


I love my job because it's joyous and full of warmth.


I love it because of the countless (and sometimes unexpected) moments of light, love, laughter and even tears that I am privileged to share.


I love my job from the moment you and I meet and we begin planning your wedding ceremony.  


I love being a sounding board for as many thoughts and ideas that you may have - whether it is to be a wedding that is large or small, formal or informal.


There are no "rules!"


I want your ceremony to be word perfect. 


And I want you to feel happy and relaxed and secure and able to savour every moment.


I want you to feel confident that we've "got this" - together!



Jill was absolutely amazing.....
We forgot our rings and she could tell by the looks on our faces when we realised right before the exchange. She quickly and calmly passed us her rings without anyone even noticing!
We were absolutely blessed to have had such a fantastic celebrant to help make our day so beautiful.

                                                                                                                                           - Bianca and Taylor

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