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Wedding Ceremonies

Being your celebrant is a privilege. 


It’s wonderful from the very first time we meet and start chatting about your thoughts and ideas for your wedding ceremony.


And the joy of it is, that unlike long ago and far away when there was very much a fixed ceremony format, today there is so much flexibility. We can get creative.


There are some legal requirements, and it’s my job to look after all of those.


Otherwise, there’s only what feels right and comfortable for the two of you.


I want your ceremony to be word perfect, and I want you to feel happy, relaxed, and secure; and that you’re not going to need to worry about a thing. 


I’m an accomplished writer and a comfortable and engaging public speaker. I’m super organised, and I check, double check, and triple check every little detail.


I can think on my feet (which includes anything that might happen with small children, Great Aunt Agatha, dogs, llamas, or the best man leaving the rings behind - and yes, that has happened… By the way? I instantly solved it, and thankfully no one noticed!)

Jill conducts funeral and memorial services with dignity, gentleness, and understanding.

She is an accomplished writer and public speaker, possessed of both diplomacy and tact.

Jill works in close consultation with families to devise exactly the style and type of service they desire. A service that is suited both to the deceased and to themselves.

She understands that there is no “right or wrong” when planning how to farewell a loved one, but only what feels right and appropriate to the bereaved.

Jill extends the utmost care and respect to families, relations, and friends throughout the process of preparing and conducting a funeral or memorial service.

 She is articulate, self-possessed, thoughtful and patient.

A funeral is a team effort by a collection of experienced professionals, and it is vital that the Celebrant respects and understands the roles and importance of the funeral director, the funeral arranger, the funeral conductor and any additional support staff.

Jill appreciates all of these aspects well, and has received glowing reviews from other professionals with whom she has worked, as well as the families that she has supported through what is a difficult time.


Prices for funerals that are arranged through a Funeral Home are determined by the Funeral Home and Director.


A Naming Ceremony is one of the most delightful and happiest parts of my job as a Celebrant. 

Naming Day Ceremonies are a celebration and welcome of a new baby into the loving community of your family and friends, as well as an occasion to formally acknowledge and bestow the full name you have chosen upon your child. 

The difference between a christening and a name giving ceremony is that it is conducted by a civil celebrant and not a minister of religion. Generally, a Naming Ceremony won't have any religious elements.

And yes, certainly you may choose friends or family members to be Godparents to your child. 

Sometimes, parents choose to use the term "Guardian," instead. Many parents still decide to use “Godparent,” so as to distinguish from those who are legal guardians. Godparents and legal guardians are not always the same people.

The ceremony can be written for you just about however you would like - including a welcome, perhaps some readings or poems, an acknowledgement of and by the Godparents/Guardians, and the presentation of a Naming Certificate. 

For a ceremony for 20 people or more I will supply my top of the line PA system. 


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